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Vacation Styling

Vacation Styling

Eliminate the hassle of packing and shopping for a trip. Neda will curate personalized looks for your trip by selecting outfits that match your destination and daily activities. The approach is flexible, allowing you to choose whether to shop for all the items, use only your existing wardrobe, or take a hybrid approach.


What's included? 


✔️ Email consultation or a 15-minute video call (based on your preference) to discuss your style goals, outfit needs, and trip itinerary. We'll work together to ensure that the outfits not only look amazing but also fit comfortably within your spending range if shopping is required


✔️ Following your consultation, you will receive a personalized digital lookbook. This lookbook will feature 7-10 fully styled outfits tailored to the length of your stay.


✔️Each outfit will be showcased in two versions: one for daytime and another for nighttime. The daytime version serves as the base, with slight modifications incorporated to elevate the outfit for a polished look, perfect for dinners or nights out.


✔️This user-friendly lookbook will also include accessories, shoes, and hair and makeup suggestions tailored to complement both your destination and planned excursions.


✔️If shopping suggestions are needed, simply click on the images of the items to be directed to their respective online retailers, enabling you to shop conveniently from the comfort of your home.


It is recommended to book this service at least a month prior to your trip.

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